Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What should I do so the shade of my skin is even and healthy looking?

I exercise daily. What should I eat. I use burts bees face products and everything but the shade of my skin ( i%26#039;m aa) never looks even and glowy.|||Just exfoliate as often as possible to remove the dead skin and reveal the healthier skin underneath, and try mixing in jojoba oil with your lotion and face moisturizer. You can get it and|||The Aveeno Possitively Radiant moisturizer did wonders on my skin because it made it so soft and it really gives you that radiant skin. It also has SPF 15. I kinda wanna try the Neutrogena Visibly Even line of products though because my friend uses it and it might work for you!! Try drinking a lot of water to improve your skin. It%26#039;s a great way to moisturize and get all that junk out of your body. |||See a dermatologist. Get a facial every month (or other month). Make sure your face is moisturized (maybe you can use non fragranced lotion). You may not be able to get the skin tone evened, but at least it won%26#039;t be dry anymore.|||cleanse your face daily.

morning and night.

!!!Get a toner.!!!

start using moisterizer before putting foundation or makeup on.

Moisterize before going to bed.

What is the best product to use on sensitive skin?

I have acne bad and i need some help. .My skin is oily.|||I 2nd an opinion from the MD however - have you ever heard of or tried Arbonne clear advantage it%26#039;s a regime but you can get the upper hand on acne it comes with a cleaner, toner and lotion and a daily supplement to help combat acne from the inside out - (a lot less harsh but better for you then poractiv) you also have 45 days to return it if its not for you or your skin!

Try using a very warm clean wash cloth (heat in micro)

and apply, repeat - and then use an acne wash. To areas full of puss apply peroxide - or if not to infected use witch hazel and lemon juice (with a clean spray bottle)

let air dry and apply acne cream -

Bi weekly do an acne exfoliant

and once a week (different day) an acne mask.

Be warned you may get worse before you start to get better.

STICK to a regime and you will have results.|||I also have acne,

Use a mild soap with warm water, not too cold or too hot.

When I first got spots I went to the doctor and he told me I had acne, he gave me some antibiotic tablets and some cream, and after a few months the spots disappeared.

So I would advise you to go and see a doctor, or they will get worse. Also DONT squeeze them !


Hope this helps :-)|||soap for sensitive skin found in a drug store|||i can give ur best products website i can allso used this products more information about products|||The best facial cleanser for sensitive skin that I have found is cetaphil liquid cleanser. It is so incredibly gentle. As for the acne blemishes, I believe that it%26#039;s generally recommended to either use salicytic acid (comes from aspirin) or benzoyl peroxide (though some find benzoyl peroxide to be too drying), however, please do consult with a dermatologist if you have severe acne. An antibiotic medication may be needed in conjunction with a cream or other medication. And as someone else mentioned, please do Not squeeze or pick at the blemishes as they can get infected and/or cause permanent scarring. Take good care and wishing you the best!

How does stainless steel take away garlic smell on skin?

I read somewhere--and recently tried it, and it works. If you have garlic smell on your hands rubbing your hands/fingers on stainless steel will remove it. Just curious how. Thanks!|||Metal oxides create a breakdown of oil in your skin. When touching objects made of iron, perspiration from skin causes the iron atoms to gain two electrons. The doubly negative iron atoms react with oil in the skin, causing them to decompose, forming 1-octen-2-one.

How to remove water based primer without irritating the skin?

my kids %26quot;helped%26quot; me paint yesterday and now I can%26#039;t get the paint off of their arms %26amp; legs. We used water-based primer (Kilz). I tried soap %26amp; water - not good. What can I use that won%26#039;t irritate their skin too much?|||Use mineral oil, you can buy it at any drug store, works like a charm, and leaves your skin feeling soft.|||Sounds silly but first used this decades ago when refinishing cabinets. It may work....worked great on latex paint and stains. Don%26#039;t know about Kilz.....but it might soften it enough to peel off. :

Fill you hand with salt then add salad oil. Rub this on the paint. Yes, for kids they say, %26quot;Ouch%26quot; but really they are not being hurt. Have them rub it, make it a game. Then wipe off to rub off any remaining paint. Then simple soap and water will remove the residual oil.

(use this on your own rough skin such as elbows and heels)

How many people have you known personally that developed skin cancer?

Who was this in relation to you and how did the doctors say they got it?|||My husband%26#039;s dad died of skin cancer. He was a surfer back in the old days when no one knew how damaging sunlight was. Skin cancer is caused by many factors, mainly including genetics and sun exposure. Mainly, people who may be prone to skin cancer need to be very careful when out in the sun and use lots of protection.|||My cousin was diagnosed back in 2003 with skin cancer. It was due to being exposed to the sun in Houston. Thankfully he was able to beat it.|||Nobody I know..

How can skin become permanently damaged from stretching?

how is it possible? What is the breaking point of stress on skin?|||It depends on the type of skin. some skin is more durable then others.

What is a natural way to clear up my skin?

My face gets occasional breakouts, and I just want to know how I can clear it up naturally and what are some good, effective products.|||First, rub an orange peel on your face. Next, mix honey and a little bit of water to make a mask. Cover your face with it and wait 20 minutes to wipe it off. oh and DONT USE TOOTHPASTE! people say it works by drying your pimple out but it also drys your skin out alot so you would have flaky skin. And the best product I have ever used is Proactiv. It started to clear up my acne by the next day. And if oyu use the refining mask to spot treat pimples, it is gone the next day! It is amazing and I would reccomend it to anyone. Hope this helped!|||i dont find proactiv too amazing. it made me break out in places i dont usually break out. and it was harsh and drying.

however i do have to agree with georgia on the refining mask. it truly is a miracle worker. i use it every night on my zits. and its the only spot treatment i use. Report Abuse
|||Here%26#039;s a tip I learned when I was a teen (Once upon a time...); whatever medication you end up deciding to use, drink 2 extra glasses of water a day with. By further hydrating your body- you%26#039;ll be diluting the oilyness of your skin- thus allowing the medication to work better! It%26#039;ll take 2 to 3 weeks to work; but once it DOES- you%26#039;ll notice a big difference. Just stick with it %26amp; see what happens. Good luck! :)|||Both honey and toothpaste work if you clean your skin with soap and water, put either honey or toothpaste on, put a bandaid over it and wait overnight. Your pimple should be dried up by the morning time!|||Wash your face with a mild soap every morning, afternoon and evening. Don%26#039;t pick! Grandma is right. If you are at school and your face gets greasy after lunch, splash water on it.|||dont touch your face during the day, and clean it everyday|||Uhh.. why do you want a natural method? Just use Proactiv.. IT WORKS.